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Your Questions for Mobile Display?

I Have Never Bought the Display Online Before. Will it Well and Working Good?

Many customers have never bought a mobile phone display online before, and they worry if things will go well or not. We suggest that you don’t worry because buying a display replacement online is 100% safe because you always get a 30 days testing and return guarantee with the spare part. It means you get a chance to test and verify the display even without installing it on your phone. Open condition testing is 100% accurate, and you can thoroughly test the display before installation. When you test the display yourself, you can easily identify any potential issues. Although new screens never have any issues.

What is the Difference Between a Duplicate and Original Display ?

  • Original display offers 100% of the same colors, quality, and brightness as your company-fitted display, and customers appreciate this quality. When you purchase an original display, you can enjoy the same display quality as before in all aspects.
  • Duplicate display offers 60% quality of the original, and that’s it sells for low prices. When we say low quality, we want to emphasize that the colors and brightness of a duplicate display are nowhere close to the original. If you use your phone for entertainment purposes like YouTube, you’ll find that a copy display is nearly worthless in color reproduction
  • You can buy a display for a low price but its usability experience will be poor. one example, you can't type properly with a duplicate touch screen because its response is not accurate. You'll frequently type wrong words while there was no such problem with the original touch screen. Such issues are revealed only after you extensively use the phone and then you realize your mistake of purchasing low quality products.
  • All low priced screen replacements are duplicates and offer abysmal quality. For example, a duplicate display is available in the local market, It is a fake display that doesn’t offer the same quality as before. So if you found the display for a low price, you shouldn’t be happy because you are buying a very poor quality product, and the price is per the quality you get. On the other side, a duplicate display is exceptionally fragile, and people report it breaking even inside the pocket. The duplicate touch screen glass is flimsy. If you drop the phone from a trifling height, the touch screen glass will still break. The average life of a duplicate display is not more than 2-3 months.
  • When the display breaks, almost all customers want to buy an original display, but at this point, they don’t know about the price of the original display. When they learn that the original display is out of their budget, they want to know if a first copy display is identical to the original display, but a first copy display is nowhere near the original display quality. If someone says that a first copy display offers 99% quality of the original, that’s a misrepresentation. A copy display offers around 40% quality of the original, and everyone knows that.
  • An original display arrives from the same factory that makes original screens for the mobile company, and that’s why everyone is so optimistic about an original display replacement. If you replace the broken display with an original one, you won’t notice any color, quality, and brightness difference. You’ve to spend twice compared to the duplicate display, but the long-term durability and display quality overpower everything. The investment in original display often feels massive, but the display quality is guaranteed to win your trust.
  • Please note that lowering the price is possible only by reducing the quality. The duplicate and the original display both work, but their features are different. When you buy a duplicate display, you only get 60% quality of what you had before in terms of colors, brightness, and quality. All the vital aspects of display degrade, and that’s why a duplicate display is cheap. the difference between both products is massive, contrary to what local technicians claim. Some technicians trap customers by saying that a duplicate display offers 90% original quality, but that’s a false claim. Many customers naively believe these claims and waste their money. you shouldn’t expect much quality when you pay the lowest. 
  • If you don’t want to buy an original display, you should head toward the local market or buy from websites that sell duplicate products. Buying for a low price is only possible if you sacrifice the quality, and that’s why counterfeit products exist all over the market. 

# The difference between both products is very obvious if you compare them side by side. Most customers don’t have access to the original display, and they only get the duplicate product in the market. If you compare your old broken display and the new copy display you got in the market, you can easily feel the differences. When you turn on an original display and a copy display side by side, you can easily notice these differences below.

Original Vs Duplicate Display
A- While on typing, you don’t get typing accuracy with a duplicate touch screen while the original one works smoothly.
B- Fitting and connectivity issue, the original display fits well, while the duplicate ones don’t.
C- The original display’s glass is thick and sturdy, while a duplicate glass is lean and fragile.
D- While working on mobile, the duplicate touch screen lags and hangs but the original works perfectly.
E- A copy or duplicate display offers around 60% colors and brightness compared to the original display. Dull colors and degradation of camera quality.
F- If you use your phone for entertainment purposes like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram you’ll find that a copy display is nearly worthless in picture color and brightness.

Q&A for Return and Refund !

Why must I notify Mobi Spare Hub about defective product within 24 hours ?
On a rare occasion, products may be defective in the packaging during transit. In these cases, it will be your responsibility to notify us within 24 hours of delivery so that we can approve a replacement unit for you. The 24 hour timeline ensures that the product was defective before you had a chance to use it and thus, it will be our responsibility to make it right.

Do you have a return or replacement policy if the LCD doesn’t work ?
Yes, We offer a 30 days return policy if the LCD doesn’t work when you test it. If a new LCD doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean that we’ve sent you a defective product. If you have an issue with your mobile phone’s, no any display will work. In such situations, you can easily return the display in unused condition. Keeping the display unused and in pristine condition is the only requirement for returning a product.

How do I claim a warranty or replacement ?
A customer can claim warranty by registering the product with Mobi Spare Hub within 30 days of purchase and further can msg us on 87997-23047 / regarding any query.

How can I trust you will send me a working LCD ?
We use an actual motherboard of to test each LCD, which is a routine process for us. We are 100% honest in our dealings with our customers and don’t have anything to hide.

Will I get a brand new unit as a replacement and when will my replacement unit be shipped ?
Yes! Under our 30 Day Replacement Guarantee, if you purchased a brand new product, we will send a brand new, sealed unit to you. As soon as the inspection of the faulty unit and the approval of your return request has been completed, we will ship out a brand new replacement unit to you.

What if I have returned the wrong or different product ?
Mobi Spare Hub will not be liable for the different products that have been returned by mistake. If an incorrect product has been returned by mistake, Mobi Spare Hub will not be accountable for replacement of the incorrect product returned and will not be responsible for delivering the incorrect product back to the customer.

Can I return display after installation or using it ?
You can’t return a used product because we supplied it to you in brand new condition. If you return a used product, even in working condition, we can’t sell it to another customer because everyone wants fresh unused products. Therefore, you can never return a display after pasting it on your phone, and that’s against our terms of replacement policy.

Q&A for Delivery and Payment !

What are the payment options available ?
Mobi Spare Hub provides 100+ payment modes including such as cash on delivery, All type Credit Cards and Debit Cards, Rupay Cards, UPI, Netbanking (68+ Banks), Payment through all type wallets (10+ Wallets), EMI on Credit Cards & Debit cards, Cardless EMI and Pay later. Any type payment method can be selected as per the convenience of the customer.

When can I expect the delivery of my product and How do I track my order details ?
Once you receive the shipping confirmation, your package will be delivered within 2-5 business days. We are constantly working to get your order delivered as soon as possible. An email and an WhatsApp SMS or text SMS with the tracking number will be sent once the order has been dispatched from our warehouse. You can also track your order from your account on the website by clicking "Track your Order" at the top right corner. If you are an existing user you can simply log in to your account and track your current and past order details. we advise you to create your account with the same guest user mail id.

Q&A for Display Installation !

I want to test the display before installation. Is that possible ?
Yes. It is possible to test the display and ensure the brightness, quality, and other aspects. We also do the same by connecting the display to our phone’s motherboard and taking a trial. If you want to test the display before installation, please follow these steps :
A- First of all, please open the phone and open all the screws to access the motherboard.
B- Gently eject the old display’s jack and connect the new display there.
C- Turn on the phone, and you can test the new display like it’s assembled on your phone.
D- Go to dialpad and dial random numbers. go to messages and type A to Z  alphabet to confirm every thing is working.
E- After simulating the process for 10-15 minutes, you can finally install it.
# The mobile phone mechanics also follow the same steps to test the new display. Test the display before installation, If the display tests ok, you can install it on your mobile without any problem.

Can I easily install the LCD combo my self or at House ?
We don’t think installing the LCD combo at house is that straightforward. You might feel that you can easily install it yourself, and if you don’t know how to install it properly, you can render a costly product useless.Therefore, you should always seek a professional technician’s help to install the LCD and sail on the safer side. you should always discuss with a technician before ordering the product. Usually, installation is not a big problem as many technicians are easily available in the local market or nearby shops.Therefore, always seek a professional technician’s help. You can easily find a technician and pay him Rs 100-300 to install the display on your phone. That’s the best and easiest way to replace a broken display.

Is open condition testing of the new LCD good enough ?
Yes. Open condition testing allows you to verify all the aspects of the display. You can use the LCD combo in real-time as if the display is mounted on the device. You can use the touch screen, use WhatsApp and do all other regular activities with the display. You should lock/unlock the phone several times during testing the display and use the device for around 10-15 minutes. When you are satisfied with the performance and output of the new LCD, you can go for the final installation of the product.

Display Installation Guidelines

  • Professional installation is highly recommended.
  • Before you install the display, you should always test and verify its working condition.
  • Test before installation. When testing, do not remove any protective film or tags & Stamps.
  • Test the Display Touch Screen Digitizer with the motherboard before completely fixing it.
  • Once you receive the item you ordered, first please get it tested by the mechanic without removing the warranty stickers (or say front and back lamination) from the item you received. It means, don't remove protective films from the item unless the mechanic tests it fully otherwise the warranty will void.

Do I get any warranty after permanently installing or fixed the display on my mobile ?

Please note that display comes with a 30 days testing guarantee. It means that you can test the display in real-time and then install it on your phone. After installation, there are no warranties because a working display can malfunction for many reasons, and a seller will never know what happened behind the scene. Therefore, you should test and verify the display yourself without installing it. Some customers believe they get a 30 days guarantee after installing the display, but that’s not true. Once you install the display and remove the screen guard, the warranty is void. After verifying the display yourself, you can’t blame anyone else for the further consequences. The reason is that a display is very fragile, and even if a newbie tries installing it using improper techniques, it can internally break. Many customers damage the products with negligence and try to shy away from their responsibility. Some of them would even say that it is a bad quality product and that’s why it broke. However, these are all baseless arguments, and you must take the pain if you damage the product.

How Much Does a Technician Charge to Replace The Display ?

The normal installation charges are around Rs 200-300 for such work. If technicians are hardly available in your remote area, then their asking price might be a bit higher because they are opportunists and often try to take advantage of their dominant position. Before you order a product, you can discuss the installation procedure and changes with a technician in advance to avoid any hassle later.

Is The New Display Offers The Same Feel as The Original ?

Yes. It is precisely the same display as you get with a new phone. There is no difference in quality, feel, or any other aspect. All these display come from OEM company's that craft these products for the actual mobile company. Please rest assured that the originality of your display will not change in any aspect.

Will There be Any Difference in The Color Shade of The Display ?

We guarantee 100% precise colors, exactly the same as you had before. Please note that, when you buy a duplicate product, the colors never match precisely with the original, and your phone starts to look weird, and that’s normal. Here, we offer 100% original display, and there is no chance of any color discrepancy. The display will be the same as you are currently using. 

How Good are the New Display Colors and Brightness ?
The display on this website offers the 100% same colors, quality, and brightness as your actual pre-installed original display. The experience of using the phone will stay the same as before, and you won’t even realize that you’ve replaced the display. When you replace the broken display unit with the same new part, you will never face issues. If you replace the original display with a duplicate one, you can’t expect everything to stay the same. That’s because premium products will offer a premium experience.

Will There be Any Difference in The Fitting of The New Display ?

We guarantee 100% precise fitting, exactly the same as you had before. Please note that, when you buy a duplicate product, the fitting never match precisely with the We guarantee original, and your phone starts to look weird, and that’s normal. Here, we offer 100% original display, and there is no chance of any fitting and finishing discrepancy. The display will be the same as you are currently using.

Why is the Original Display Always Beneficial ?

You can purchase a low-quality display, but you can’t enjoy the same original quality. The original AMOLED display is beneficial in terms of durability, colors, brightness, or the touch screen smoothness. After installing the original display, you won’t notice any difference, and that’s why people are interested in an original display replacement. When a customer calls our helpline, his first question is whether he will get an original product or not. That’s because everyone is aware of the inherent benefits of an original display. If you replace a broken display with a duplicate one, you’ll get clung into a loop of repeated screen replacements. A duplicate display breaks very easily, and that’s why you’ve to replace it multiple times, say three times in a year. If you replace the broken display with an original one, you don’t need to spend money repeatedly, and that’s why an original display is always beneficial

Does The New Display Fit Well if Compare Duplicates ?
Yes. The original display fits very well, and you won’t see any open area between the middle frame and the display. The middle frame locks itself on the display, and it is important to note that the middle frame should be in perfect condition so that the display can fit properly. The new display is exactly the same as you were using. You just need to fit all components in right places so that your mobile can function well. The fitting of the display is as good as a brand new phone. We make sure to examine everything before shipping and you won’t be having any issues with your purchase.

Do you offer an original display on Mobi Spare Hub ?
Yes. We offer original display replacements on Mobi Spare Hub, and the product sold on this website is 100% original. We buy our stock from the OEM manufacturers who manufacture and supply these screens to the company. Hence, the quality of our screens is paramount and 100% original. Even after replacing the display, the experience of using the phone will be 100% the same as before.

Do You Test the New Display Before Shipping ?
Yes. We test and verify each display before shipment, and that’s our specialty. Unlike other sellers who never test their products, we want to avoid defective products at any cost,We use a actual mobile phone’s motherboard to test the new display to get accurate results. After testing and verifying the display, you can install it on your phone. If the display has some issues, you can easily isolate those issues even before installing the display. So when you have got a display in an unused condition, it is very easy to return or replace it. That’s why open condition testing before installing the display is important.We want to ensure that we test each display before shipping and still offer a 30 days replacement guarantee for your satisfaction. Upon the delivery, you can also test the new LCD combo to your satisfaction and let us know if you encounter any issues (though you’ll never face any issues)

Do You know, which quality products are sold in the local city market? 
Typically, we visit the local market to purchase the display replacement, The local market’s screen replacements are good only if you want to purchase a duplicate display which is not equal to a company-fitted display in terms of quality. The local market screens are duplicates, often referred to as a first copy/OG quality/Diamond quality display. These products offer low quality, and as such products are cheap, customers buy them instantly without understanding that they will need to replace the display again and again in the future. A local display breaks very easily, Those products work for a very limited time and then you’ve to replace them again. So if you are buying display replacements from the local market, you should not spend more than Rs 1000-1200 because you always get counterfeit products.

Why shouldn’t I purchase a duplicate or first copy display ?
A duplicate display comes with dozens of quality issues that you won’t realize in the first instance. When you start using the copy display in day-to-day usage, you’ll realize the difference between the original and the copy. The difference is evident when you type a message or watch a movie because things won’t work with the same smoothness and clarity. Don’t confuse yourself that you’ll get a better product for a low price because that never happens. You’ll get the quality according to the amount you invest in replacing the display.

Do you accept returns after installing the display ?
No. We don’t accept any used returns because that violates our return policy. We provide original, brand new parts to our customers, and you can’t return a used product to us. Once you paste the display on your phone and then try to take it out, the display can damage. A used display is not eligible for a return, and therefore, please don’t assemble/paste the display if you want to return it. It is not bad to return a product, but you should not modify the original form of the product in any way. Please note that return is not possible if :
A- You remove the screen guard and warranty stickers of the product.
B- If you fix/paste the display on your phone.
C- If you damage the display or its flex cables in any way.

What if the new display arrives damaged or doesn’t work upon testing ?
Our team packs your parcel very safely in hard one-by-one three type boxes accompanied by additional layers of protection. We always ensure that your content reaches you safely. You can always record an unboxing video while opening the parcel, and it will serve as proof in case of any anomaly. Furthermore, if you face any problems while testing the new display, you can always opt for our 30 days replacement and return policy. Please note that the display must be unused to avail of the return policy. You can’t return a product after using or installing it on your phone.

Who is responsible if the display breaks during transit ?
Still, you can always record an unboxing video when you open the package. If you find anything damaged inside the parcel, you can always forward the video proof and claim replacement. Please note that a proper unboxing video is a must to claim damage. Customers make a lot of forgery attempts, and that’s something we want to avoid at any cost, and that’s why an unboxing video is a must.

Is buying the original display important ?
Customers often ask if buying the original display is mandatory or settle for a duplicate one. Well, the answer to this depends on how you perceive your phone’s value. The original display costs twice the first copy display, and the quality difference between both products is massive. If someone tells you that the difference is only 10% between both products, that’s a lie. The quality difference between an original and a fake display is around 40% in terms of colors, brightness, and other vital aspects like touch screen smoothness and accuracy. A duplicate display degrades your phone’s performance and makes you feel like using a lousy device. On the other side, the original display helps you maintain the quality and integrity of the device.

An original display is always cheap than a duplicate display in the long run.
You must wonder how that is possible, and that’s a false statement, but it is not. If you purchase an original display, you spend, say, Rs 2,500 once, and then you can use your phone for a long time. On the other hand, if you purchase a duplicate display, you’ve to replace it three times in a year (Rs 1500 each time) because duplicate displays are not durable at all. So you invest Rs 2500 in one original display and Rs 4,500 in duplicate products. Now you do the math if the original product is cheaper or the duplicate one. Customers often don’t realize this because they are paying money in small installments, but you’ll very well understand this simple math if you sum up all.

How can I get the original display ?
If you are indeed searching for an original display, stop believing that you’ll find it for Rs 1200-1500. We have seen that even the most educated customers are entirely biased towards low prices and later blame online shopping rather than blaming themselves. Don’t expect the original quality if you decide to buy the duplicate display for a low price. You will get what you pay. The original display of the will not be cheap in any case because it supports the high refresh rate. The original display comes directly from the OEM manufacturer, and the prices are high. We offer a 100% pure original display that comes directly from the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), and the quality is guaranteed.

Is this LCD combo assembled manually or by the OEM company ?

This LCD combo assembled by OEM company, not manual. The OEM company assembles this LCD combo in the frame using pre-cut adhesive stickers (gaskets). The earpiece grill is also assembled in the display to filter the dust from the earpiece section. The display combo offered on this website is completely different and offers all the goodies a quality-loving customer expects. This display combo with frame is 100% original, the same as it comes assembled with a brand new phone.


Query regarding bulk order ?

Drop your query at 87997-23047 / regarding any query and the concerned person will get back to you at the earliest possible.