About Us

The Beginning

Mobi Spare started out selling smartphone accessories but mobi spare saw the smartphone revolution and realised that with a phone at the centre of most people's lives, smartphone display and spare parts would be the next big thing in India. Mobi Spare diversified into mobile spare parts. Mobi Spare was one of the first brands in India to offer truly all type mobile Phones display and spare parts.

Mobi Spare Hub Today

Mobi Spare makes the latest personal technology accessories available and affordable to young Indian consumers. We have been listed as bestselling brand on Amazon and Flipkart for five years in a row and in 2020, Mobi Spare was the biggest Indian seller of mobile spare parts in the country. We also the top brand of mobile spare parts in India. Mobi Spare Hub is a leading online store providing 100% original mobile spare parts & accessories to their clients. We specialize in sourcing the genuine mobile spare parts from OEM manufacturers, which are hard to get elsewhere. We are working in the offline industry since last 10 years and the major problem we found is the use of counterfeit inferior quality parts all over India. If you try to buy something locally, surely you are going to get the duplicate one.

What is our Main Target ?

Mobi Spare is renewing its focus on smert phones display & spare parts. (all mobile spare parts with advanced features) We aim to be the biggest player in the Indian market, a household name with young, highly tech-savvy Indian consumers and a brand Indians are be proud of. We evolve each day, competing against ourselves to bring you new technology every time. We combine quality, durability, and performance at the most affordable price.

Why are Mobile Accessories Important for Future?

  • In the world and time that we are living in, having a mobile phone is not anything new or different. But, why is it equally important to own mobile accessories also??
  • It is the safety of our devices that we want to secure, and it is only possible by acquiring suitable mobile accessories for our mobile phones.
  • Additionally, carrying a mobile phone everywhere we go is not safe completely. Hence, we tend to secure its screen as well as the backside of the mobile phone with the help of a screen guard or a tempered glass and a back cover.
  • Furthermore, mobile accessories such as the- charger, Pop Sockets, selfie sticks, earphones, etc., also have equal importance just like a mobile phone.
  • Therefore, while you plan to invest in a Mobile Accessories Business, you must give importance to knowing about all the related devices and accessories.
  • In modern time, mobile phones have become like a lifeline to people. It is even recognized as a boon as not only it helps us in staying connected, but it also serves multiple purposes at a time. Mobile phones cannot be used perfectly without their supporting pillar, the mobile accessories as these accessories make the experience of using mobile phones even better and interesting.